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Shortly after below sighting:

What appears to be a three fingered handprint found on dusty shelf in storage room.

Print pulled with clear tape for oddity/curiousity. What appears to be thum print located on underside of shelf.

Residue left behind from print. ( like seaty palms...kind of a thing. )

MUFON made two swabs. Control and actual sample. Sent to "National Lab" No results after 14mos.

Coins pictured for size ref = penny, dime and quarter. All US coins.

Metal ruler reflecting too much light to be of any use.

Print over a mointh old and starting to collect dust when photographed. Originally dust free.

Friends came over with digital camera.



Sighting: Oct. 2008

 Cloud-like object. Aprox size of a dumptruck. Seen late afternoon; 16:00'ish.

Day clear, no wind or breeze as no movment in trees nor porch flags. Otherwise cloudless sky. Residential area.

Object dropped from overhead ( -z ) to below treeline; decouflaged. Object would have been otherwise unremarkable if it had not dropped below treeline.

Object dropped to w/in 20ftt of ground and continued from South to North vector.

Object observed by neighbor ( civil eng ) and myself ( EE ) at aprox. 60ft away.

Object displayed normal flight characteristics. Steady flight, vector selected was obstruction free, no bouncing, wobbling, etc.

No visible exhaust, no vapour trail, no visible prop-wash, no sounds, no apparent ground effect, and no smells. Object left no trace such as residue, debris, nor compression.

Object displayed two odd qualities.

 1. Object appeared internally lit

 2. Object appeared transparent as though fog-like or cloud-like. Treeline visible through thick part of object. Treeline not visible through edges.

As object moved it passed my observation point. Appeared to visually saturate at one instance. Two seperate surfaces became reflective. Object in that instance presented as physical and deploying optical camoflauge.

Aprox speed of object 35 - 40 nMPH.  Aprox total veiwing duration 3 to 5 seconds.

3rd witness line of sight obstructed by hedge. she was the first to be affected.

Neightbor was next to her and he was second. Linear area effect consistent with line of travel of object. I was last to be affected.

Mild disorientation, mild effect on memory and cognitive. Aprox duration 1 to 3 seconds.

Effect cleared, passed and object no longer visible.

Last seen heading towards two possible fast access lanes or InterCoastal Pipelines and High Tension High Voltage Power Lines.



Blackhawks in immediate area within the hour.

Satelite look down typically uses single lens only. Without depth perception object would present as a "cloud" to normal satelite imaging.

Cloud-like object never roiled, reconfigured, nor any relational changes during viewing time nor movement translations.

General shape of could was refined and was consistent throough entire time of viewing.

elongated oval with stream-lined nose. 

Object gave inpression of dropping below treeline and using houses as cover from Blackhawks.


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