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Who are we?

The  human species has a long history. The humans of Terra 3 known as Earth were originally created by an ancient race called the Elohim who were ancient group of Lyrans who survived the 600.000 year Lyran wars millions of years ago. The human race, being almost annihilated, fled and colonised the many star systems such as Terra 3, Pleiades, Sirius A, Orion, Procyon, Nissan,  the Dalian universe along with many other colonies through out the galaxy. The human being was created via genetic engineering, genetic welding using a mixture of their own DNA and primate DNA. Many races also donated their genetic material and a human being was made with the goal of creating a race with several qualities, both adaptable and potent for further evolution. They created the human being in their own image given many potentials, including 12 strands of DNA.

 Genesis 1:27 (New International Version)

27 So God created man in his own image, 

       in the image of God he created him; 
       male and female he created them.

The Elohim created the humans of earth in their own image successfully, which was the 6th experiment and satisfyingly producing the modern man. The original Earth experiment took place nearly a million years ago on earth and was guided and observed by the Elohim among Lyran colonizers living on earth. Planet Earth or Terra was a beautiful place, created as a cosmic library, located at the fringes of the galaxy and easily reached from other galaxies. The human race was put on earth as an experiment hoping for successful results.

Some scientists have already discovered and proven extra terrestrial genetics to exist within 97% of human genetics.

 Example of Earth human genetic origins: Asian, Native American & Native Australian: Nissan star system, Vega star system, Pleiadian systems.

Caucasian & Indo-caucasian: Orion systems, Pleiadian systems.

Black race: Sirius A star system.


The Elohim periodically observed the primitive earth population over different time intervals. 

At some point they left and assigned the Annunaki to be the watchmen over the experiment earth.


 Image below shows the Sumerian depiction of the Annunaki  




However, some of the groups rebelled, and thus went against the rules of their assignment and started making offspring with the earth population. It went so far that they desired to even control and manipulate the population. To do so successfully, they manipulated the genetic structure. They played god using sounds and holographic technology. They appeared to the population disguised with metallic masks to appear as god-like figures. The human race were eventually made into a slave race to serve the Annunaki. It was the earliest points of extraterrestrial manipulation on earth humans history.  A couple of other races arrived from Ursa Minor with a planetoid or a satellite that was placed into orbit and replaced with with the Earth's 2 original moons. This was documented over 91.000 years ago. This ancient space craft can be recognised as our modern day moon, the moons darkside have buildings that won't be seen because it's artificial and doesn't spin on it's axis.

Since the beginning of Earth-human colonization, many wars have broken out in the past between benevolent extraterrestrial groups defending against regressive ones who were in competition over earth/Sol 3 system for territory control and greater power. The wars were fought above Earth's atmosphere and other places in the Solar system, the wars have continued on some level until today, witnessed and or documented by astronauts, or people who held high positions (above top secret information).