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This paper will not describe who I am in this physical life,rather details within the inner self and soul.

 I am what I AM. A piece of the divine spark of consciousness. From the cosmic light source like everyone else.

Soul: Indigo starseed born in 1983.

Aura: Golden yellow.

Overall polarity: Positive.

Previous lives on Earth: 144.

Points of origin: Sirius A star system.

Pre-points of origin: Ry'l Universe of the Multi-Verse .

Age: 3.2 billion Earth years.

Cosmic age:

0/028302  0.02 GCC (measured by The Great Cosmic Cycle).

Age measured by cycle (Galactic): 13 GC.

Age by cycle (solar system): 413.436 SSC.

Age measured by planetary cycle, (seasonal) : approx. 12.8 billion SC.


Purpose and characteristics: Healing, expression and creation through art/music. Here to participate in this journey as humanity will move to the higher stages of it's evolution.  



Planetary data: 


Location: Terra/Sol 3, Milky Way Galaxy, Dern Universe of the Multi-Verse.

 Evolutionary status of race: Civilization level 2 /Monarch/ Pyramid system /National.

My old world:


Location: Sirius A, Milky Way Galaxy, Dern Universe of the Multi-Verse.

Evolutionary status of race: Civilization level 4 /Holographic social system focused on well-being /global and galactic.


I just started this site, and I am still growing it.. 

The purpose for this site is to help open people's eyes beyond the matrix, the mind enslavement. Some of the content will be from another source, while some of it will be based on what I've learned and how I view reality, I do not think in a box. The people on the planet have to learn to know themselves deep from within, and the meaning of life, about the illusion of reality they've been given, and give another perspective on it's surroundings, and doing so without using the filters of ones belief system. I hope that you may find my site helpful and thought provoking.

Most of the modern society is still somewhat backwards and primitive and must learn to simply learn to live in harmony with each other and the planet in order to survive and avoid self destruction. Love is necessary, because without it, nothing would exist at all.

People do not have the spiritual maturity for the level of technology he has and without maturity and self responsibility it could only lead to disaster. Technology can be used either as a tool of death, or as a useful tool to help empower humanity for improvements in many ways.