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New World Order: there's a war going on against humanity, we were all warned!

John F. Kennedy warned the world. We did not pay close attention. He was assasinated by the CIA Guess what? Reality has hit home now. John F. Kennedy warned us about the secret societies. Bill Cooper warned us about a possible false flag terrorism years before it happened on 9/11/2001. Phil Schneider was a construction manager who helped building secret DUMB (deep underground military bases) around the country. He helped expose their agendas of the black secret government and Grey alien activities around some of these top secret underground facilities, he was also assassinated by the government.


9/11 as a tool to jump start the New World Order: 

False flag terrorist attacks. Yes, I said it before, a false flag terrorist attack that would lead to a war with a fake non existent terrorists followed by a possible third world war. It's a strategy the powers to be use to legally give more power to the military and control technologies, to remove your rights, increased hi tech surveillance of the public, destruction of the world economy by design to bring about a global currency, elimination of privacy and freedom of speech. New bills are now being passed by the UN that would eliminate human rights, expansion of the European union soon followed by the American union , Asian Union and the African Union, this is lead by the United Nations, driven by the World Central Banking cartel and the Illuminati, their goal is a single centralized superstate of the world (New World Order), run by a single government, a global currency, global military police force with advanced control technology and a microchipped population, human rights and free will would be non existent.


The real powers behind the vast agendas are not human beings:

Alex Collier and David Icke are among others who said that in fact evil extra terrestrials are running the show, that a New World Order is to be used as their goal. Thus the vast agendas are being controlled guided and fulfilled by selfish and evil extra terrestrials. This reality seems far fetched for most to comprehend, basically out of fear in which generates denial, curtains closed, no research, eyelids SEALED! But hey, even if you put your head in the sand, the problem won't disappear, in fact it will grow until there is no sand left to cover your head, hmmm..

The truth is, our governments are controled and owned by privately run and privately owned corporations (Central bank, mainstream media are some examples) the people who run this system are corrupted to the core psychopath puppets who essentially have sold out the human race for greed and power. The real power behind this orchestration supposedly to be evil extra terrestrial groups who control our leaders or people who hold high office. These manipulators can be referred as the Orion groups, different races, different ranks, the ring leaders being reptilians from Alpha Draconis, and that particular race has been living beneath and around earth for a very long time, and have manipulated the material, emotional and spiritual substance of humanity, and had us enslaved by these races for so very long that we have forgotten they even exist. There are traces of clues of these beings through history, in all different cultures. According to Collier, these extra terrestrial manipulators have used our world leaders as a bait, just like if you were to lure an animal into a cage using food. In other words buying them time while they use us to help fulfill their ultimate goal. The goal, eventually is part of a wider agenda and a bigger plan than just the world governments.


Is there a way for us out of this whole mess? 

This awareness is not intentionally brought to you to promote fear, but rather awareness. To show you the real problem, and how it can be fixed. One of the ultimate solutions, and pay attention to energies, as we are all energy with our thoughts being manifested as energy, so I say the basic solution to this mess, is LOVE. Love is so much more powerful than fear. Anger and fear is not the solution, rioting is not the solution, the government has better weapons than you have and they know how to deal with riots. If say we were all to start boycotting the major banking institutions, and ignore and stop supporting the big pharmaceutical, (chemtrails), stop joining/volunteering for the army/navy, stop supporting major fast food chains and all other Illuminati owned institutions, just saying NO, we are not doing this anymore, trust me, the system that we basically support would start to crumble in on itself in a domino-like effect. Remember, there are also benevolent ET's here observing us and more than willing to assist, but they are not coming down to save us, to do all the work for us. In fact Alex Collier talked a bit about this, basically saying that by tossing ones responsibility away and waiting for a savior to come is a recipe for disaster. If we were to be saved, we would not be doing the work ourselves, and most likely we would recreate this kind of mess again sometime, and if something goes wrong, we could always blame it on them. So we must learn to be self responsible, to create a space of love as Alex would say.

Now remember, everything is energy, energy can be manipulated in different ways, the powers to be know this, they know how to make all of us manifest an energy to keep us enslaved by them. So it's time for us to create love, the powers to be are disturbed by this energy, trust me on this one.


 Here Alex Collier explains a little about what the secret government really is and how it operates behind the closed curtains, you can also find this clip in my video segment:



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