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Dimensions and their complexity

Science doesn't yet  have concrete proof that other dimensions exist, but nowadays the topic is being openly discussed and the possibility is becoming more acceptable as a reality among quantum physicists and some other scientists.

Our existence revolves around third dimension on a day to day basis and outside that paradox is unknown for most people in the physical world, however the soul will instantly recognize other awareness that body is disconnected from and the mind trapped in between both. The two worlds collide on a regular basis since the worlds are really sealed apart with a very thin line, which is why many people have paranormal experiences.

 The reason for that is our holographic 3rd density are split into two worlds: The physical material world and the spirit world, and one cannot exist without the other, just like polarities. 


Civilization of another world and of higher dimensions.

Elements and life exist on different levels of frequency and density, not only our 3rd/4th density. 


The Soul and the universe, it's basic purpose and goal, the basic evolution from A-Z:

We are all spiritual beings who wanted to have experience in a physical body, which was needed to master certain experiences necessary for further development in spiritual evolution, which is the goal of all living souls bound with the universal cosmic laws. The soul spend many life times accomplishing certain goals and learning experiences, each one has it's own speed of learning. The soul wants to learn and experience everything, evolving into different stages beginning with atoms microbes bacteria etc, then multicellular life forms, plants and animals, when the experience is completed, the next stage in evolution begins through a human body, like the planet and it's animal kingdom is evolving, so does the human beings. The basic building block for evolution higher than what is now known is accomplished through love, since it is love that communicates a universal language of the cosmic source or god. The advanced goal of all souls and it's school houses (planets), is evolution extending through different stages to even higher levels, over a course of many billions of years, the soul reaches it's highest levels and rejoins with the source and the creation itself, once a soul reaches this final level it will help raise evolution of the creation itself, as the universe ages, evolution of the creation/source will go further, until it reaches it's completion into what is called absolute absolutum, and even the absolute absolutum needs to continue it's evolution until it reaches a completion into the All-Time-Consciousness and chronological endlessness.


Astral projection OBE

Out of body experiences, many have experienced it, most don't remember it while some do, and few have had such experiences many times and on regular basis and have even mastered it this technique: being able to OBE and doing so consciously. These people can identify the difference between a fantasy dream and OBE. Out of body experiences include the possibility to travel anywhere in the world, and dimensional travel as well. By learning how to control your vibrations during the state of OBE you can chose between traveling in this dimension or leaving it and going to another. During the out of body experience, the ego experienced in your physical body will be shattered. One will realize that he is one with everything. And what we perceived as being solid isn't "solid" at all. One will also see things that physical eyes would would not, perceiving the physical and spirit world at the same time. During this experience, you will never get lost, since the spirit is connected to the body, and if one wishes to end the experience, then one will be back in the body almost instantly. 


 Everyone can have an out of body experience.  

How can you do it? Here is one way:



Step 1: relaxation 

"Relaxation of the body and mind is one of the core disciplines you will need to develop in order to have success in learning how to astral project. Here I’ll lay out one of my favourite techniques (There are of course many, many others) for getting the body into a state which will allow your mind to sink into the appropriate state.

Preliminary Preparation

Firstly its not a great idea to try to get into the kind of controlled state of relaxation you wish to achieve after having had stimulants (coffee, tea, beer, etc) or any kind of mind altering substances for the last several hours. If you have indulged I would leave it at least 3 hours before going forward.

Secondly, make sure you are wearing loose fitting and generally comfortable clothing. Sweat pants are ideal. Remove any tight fitting jewellery you might be wearing (Rings, bracelets, etc). You might think that your ring or necklace is perfectly comfortable but see how you feel after 15 minutes of trying to clear your mind as your focus keeps flitting back to your sweaty ring finger :D 

 Now find somewhere quiet and comfortable where you will be unlikely to be disturbed for a good while, personally I use a nice sofa chair in my upstairs back bedroom with the curtains pulled. Some prefer lying on their beds, really its up to you. Just make sure its somewhere you could actually fall asleep if left to your own devices.

Now on to the actual relaxation technique.

Start with your breathing. Begin to take slow deep breaths through your nostrils into the depths of your lungs. Try to fill the bottom of you lungs first, then the middle and finally the top. Hold the breath in for a few seconds then slowly release it. This technique is meant to be slow and relaxed and is not any kind of competition dont try to breathe too deep or hold the breath too long. This isn’t meant to be stressful :D

As you slowly breathe in and out imagine each part of your body in turn getting heavier and each muscle getting more relaxed, starting with your head and neck and working down through your shoulders, arms torso, legs and feet. Spend a few tens of seconds on each area as you work downwards. By the time you have gotten to your feet you should be in a completely relaxed state and you hopefully will be ready to proceed to your first attempt at projection.

One thing to remember is that this isn’t a competition and there is absolutely zero point in beating yourself up if you find you cant relax fully first time you try this. If its not working first time it may be that you are just too hyped about something, or your mid is flitting from idea to idea and wont let you relax. If after 10 minutes or so you feel that you aren’t in the right frame of mind simply get up and dont worry about it. You can come back to this technique in an hour or so when your mind has calmed a little." 

Step 2: basic OBE techniques: 

"Ok so for the purposes of this post I will assume that this will be your first attempt at a directed out of body experience. So if you are a little more experienced than this please for give me for teaching you to suck eggs (as the saying goes).

One of the most popular and widespread techniques for Astral Projection & inducingout of body experiences is known as the “vibrations technique”, this technique is one of the most effective as techniques and has been shown to work relatively easy for even beginners. I will try to keep the description of the vibrations technique as detailed but simple to understand as possible.

Step one: Relax the body

As I’ve said in a previous post relaxation and comfort is an absolute pre-requisite to having a successful Out of body experience. You must be mentally and physically relaxed before beginning your attempt.

Step two: Enter the state bordering sleep.

The best method I have found for this is to concentrate on an object in your minds eye. When other images or objects begin to enter your thoughts, you have entered the correct state. Passively watch these images. This will also help you keep in a state of near-sleep. This has historically been known as “Condition A” (Named by OBE researcher Robert Monroe)

Step three: Deepen Condition A.

Try to clear your mind. keep observing directly on front of you in your minds eye, allthe while keeping your actual eyes closed. Maintain this state for the moment. Simply keep looking forwards through your closed eyelids. You may notice floating patterns in your eyes, these are neural discharges and are quite natural and safe. Just ignore these patterns if they occur and continue to relax.

When any patterns cease, you will have entered what Monroe calls Condition B. From here, Condition C a state of such relaxation that you lose all awareness of the body and sensory stimulation must be entered, at this point you should be completely alone in your head with only your thoughts.

The ideal state for inducing an out of body experience is called Condition D. This is the same as Condition C but when it is voluntarily induced without tiredness (IE: Not during the process of falling asleep, but induced voluntarily through te process described above).

Step Four: Enter a state of Vibration.

This is the most important part of the process but for many also the most difficult to attain. Many Astral Projection practitioners have said that the entry to the vibration state is the beginning of a successful OBE.

The vibrations one wants to experience can be felt as very mild tingling, or as a feeling of energy or electrical charge moving through the body. As you begin to feel these vibrations attempt to do the following

  1. Continue to breathe through your half-open mouth.
  2. Tell yourself that everything that occurs during this session will be beneficial to your well-being. Repeat this five times.
  3. As you breathe, concentrate on the void in front of you.
  4. Select a point a foot or so on front of your forehead, then move that point in your mind to six foot or so away.
  5. Turn this point 90 degrees upward by drawing an imaginary line parallel to your body axis up and above your head.
  6. Focus there and reach out for the vibrations at that point and attempt to draw them back into your body. Even though you may not be familiar with these vibrations, you will know when you have achieved contact with them.

Remember that not all these points are super important so dont stress yourself out trying to remember them all as this will only have a negative effect on your attempt to astral project.

Step five: Learn to control the vibrational state.

Attempt to practice controlling these vibrations by mentally pushing them into your head and about your body try to produce vibrational waves from head to foot. Practice this until you feel like you are getting some level of decent control over these vibrations. Once you have control of these vibrations you will be ready to have your first out of body experience.

Step six: Begin to leave your body
Now direct your mind on the idea of leaving your body. Don’t let your mind wander. You should at this point hopefully get some sense of the second or astral body. Start to explore your environment with the second body. Try extending the arm of your astral body until it touches a nearby object, such as a wall or cabinet. Now push your astral limb through the object.

Step seven: Full OBE.
Now you have some control over the Astral body, begin to think in terms of the body becoming as light as a feather. Attempt to feel a pleasant sensation of floating upwards an away from where you lie. Keep this image in your minds eye and try not to get distracted at this point. Your next step will be to experience a full out of body experience as your Astral body completely dissociates from he physical body.

Now begin to experiment by directing the astral body with your mind for as long as is comfortable to you.

Congratulations you have just had your first OBE!

Ok now if this doesn’t happen exactly as written down here don’t fret, these things take time and realistically you will not achieve a full Astral Projection on your first (or my case even 5th) attempt. But persevere and you will get there eventually. I like to think of any failed OBE attempt as a nice relaxing meditation."