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The cosmos

The universe is vast, much so that the average human cannot quite comprehend it's enormous space of matter separating huge spaces of dark matter that makes up the visible universe. We are but a grain of sand on a vast ocean of the conscious universe. The universe as a whole has a consciousness and has a complete awareness of itself in and out. God, the Isness, the light, the source, an odd coincidence/accident that created everything?... call it what you want.

 The Hubble deep field is one of the most important image captured, 3+ billion ly distance. Each of these spinning wheels of energy hold hundreds of billions of suns most with planets in orbit.


In medieval times the ruling elites insisted that the earth was flat (yeah right, they knew it was not, they knew more than you would imagine, it is called dumbing down a society tactics and it's still being done today). Scientists, philosophers and other teachers that suggested the world was a rounded ball, were ridiculed or worse, killed. Today some people will tell you there is no life out there. But hey, it's a huge place, besides the universe is made of pretty much the same compounds, it's made of the same stuff, so the likelihood for us being alone is one against trillions. Also, remember that life is very tough, life has been discovered in places on earth that people may never thought to be bearable for life. So for us if we were to visit another planet could be completely unbearable for us, doesn't mean a life couldn't adapt to the planet's extreme conditions.



The universe, was quite literally created in a form of two polarities. These two polarities are seen in all forms of our surroundings and throughout the universe.